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“NEVER GIVE UP” This is the only quote that wins all the motivational quotes which you see online and nothing can ever beat this and in fact, the familiar motivational people you see on the internet will actually nudge you to say this as a mantra. So if I say or apply this in my life will I be able to achieve great things? You must be asking me what the fuck you know about me? what the hell?!! Do you even know what kind of life I’m in!!? I’m not saying that I have a solution for all your sorrows and hardships in your mothafuckn life but I ain’t gonna apologize for the curse words her because I’m being me, Why the fuck I need to use the filter in my mind to pretend to say the shits that you want, no?! It’s me being raw. If you have a problem with that fuck off my page. No offense and I don’t have anything against you. And if still you didn’t report or close this page of mine from reading I appreciate your risk factor. But the fact of the matter is what kind of a person are you? Who are you? why are you even here? Are you happy genuinely? I’m sure you are not 100% sure to give the answer to your own self. I was ripped to the core with people judging me, Discrimination, Pain, Tear, Mockery, Humiliation…. u can fill in the blanks but the only thing which made me not to end myself is pulling my shit back and not staying there in the same spot which I know for a fact that’s muck but I was just there by blaming people and letting other people shame me and there were days i longed for someone to save me like a fucking superman imaging me as Lois lane. And also thought of finding a man and experimented that pure love kind of a thing and the famous phrase they say love is blind, All is fair in love and war long story short. None of that shit worked for me, I was completely lost and became belittle for these assholes to advise me too. I actually forgot my worth. But one awesome day this bitch realized! that I have the power to change me and my life I visioned my life and back on track. And I was genuinely happy here I am writing this to you. Hey you enough of reading now get your shit together write your fucking dreams set a time frame and ” NEVER GIVE UP”


People said to follow my dreams, So i went back to bed and spotted this!!

Oh!!! my dreams they are just crazy minions running having fun with my brain they are in fact funny some dreams cant be forgotten until the next night before I sleep they alarm me ” Hey B#$% how can you forget us so soon here remember the fun which we had in your dream last night” and sometimes I will be terrified to sleep too these are the one sheep two sheep doing in my brain added to that I also applied for a designer job too to fabricate my dream to the next level. unfortunately, I failed with a boo from those aborable parasites. I still can remember my dreams sometimes they stike me like a shooting star decending towards me and im in love with them now so, I welcome you to write me your dreams without fail.

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